Kroko Loko

Kroko Loko, bordspel

Who can make the longest crocodile? 
Game concept & artwork 
Jumbo International, Amsterdam

Multi-player game
 Ages 4 and over, 2-4 spelers

Over a period of 5 years nearly 50,000 sets of Kroko-Loko have already been sold in the Netherlands (a country with only 16 million inhabitants), and is now a popular classic among children’s animal games. An inexpensive and fun game that children love to play, time and time again.


spel Kroko Loko, de zwemkrokodil


Short description:

Did you know that crocodiles are dangerous animals that eat anything that comes their way? In this game the more they eat, the longer they get.





By rolling the die and being sure to remember which animals are hiding where, your crocodile will eat more and get longer and longer. The player with the longest crocodile wins the game.


Kroko Loko: voorbeelden luchtdieren

Spel Kroko Loko: voorbeelden landdieren


Spel Kroko Loko: voorbeelden waterdieren



afbeeldingen dobbelsteen Kroko Loko