Who we are

Nico and Richard are the brothers behind Spelpartners.com. We grew up in a creative environment with a father who has created countless educational games, and who brought up his children through play to be creative game makers. 

Nico den Dulk

In addition to creating games, for years Nico den Dulk has been active as a graphic designer and illustrator for businesses, government bodies and non-profit organisations. He is a specialist in design and artwork.



In 1997 he illustrated the popular guide to wine ‘Under the Cork’ (Onder de Kurk), the initial bestseller by Dutch wine writer Nicolaas Klei. Since then, he has worked as designer and illustrator on  numerous campaigns and publications for large and small organisations such as KLM, ABN AMRO bank, Greenpeace, City of Amsterdam, OXFAM/Novib and Friends of the Earth Netherlands. 


Richard den Dulk

Richard den Dulk graduated in theatre direction at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since 1996 he has been active as an independent game designer and television director, and has directed many successful programmes. For a number of years he has worked as an all-round programme creator for single as well as multi-camera productions. He has broad experience in setting up and putting together successful television series for various stations and audiences.




In addition to being a game designer and programme creator, Richard is also an experienced trainer and teacher with experience at institutions such as the Media Academy, the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts and the University of Amsterdam.