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Spelpartners.com specialises in creating, designing and producing original game concepts. We make board games, educational games, custom-made games, online viral games and TV game shows.


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Kroko Loko, bordspel

Kroko Loko

Who can make the longest crocodile? 
A memory game for children aged 3 and over.
Game concept & artwork 

Jumbo International, Amsterdam

tv-format spelprogramma Knoopsel


All knotted up (Knoopspel)

TV game show ‘A knot in your hankie’ (Knoop in je Zakdoek)

Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO)   

Spel 'Wat is weg?'


What’s Missing? (Wat is weg?)

Game concept for a Sesame Street game

Jumbo International, Amsterdam

Municipal Ombudsman promotional gift 

Game concept, artwork & production 

City of Amsterdam


Know your stuff! (Zeker Weten!)

Card & trivia game after the TV programme
Game concept, artwork & production   

Teleac, Dutch Educational Broadcasting

Hoe? Zo! Teleac Not Spelpartners.nl

Hoe? Zo! 

TV programme, science games in prime-time

Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) 

‘Save the Toad’ (Red de pad) 

Game concept: viral game & artwork

Friends of the Earth Netherlands

 Helpende Hollander Award                      

The Helping Dutchman (Helpende Hollander) Award  

Game concept and live TV show

Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) 


PictoSeries (PictoSerie)

Four computer games for the mentally disabled

Visitaal Pictogrammen Foundation 


educatief spel domino montessori spelconcept

Multi Variant

Domino game

Educational publisher Nienhuis Montessori/Toys for Life