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Zeker weten! kaartspel Teleac Cito


Card & trivia game after the TV programme


Game concept, artwork & production

Teleac  Dutch Educational Broadcasting (NPO)  

Zeker Weten! kaartspel spelconcept Spelpartners


Popular quiz programme for young people with zany, exciting and absurd films.

 All questions in the quiz are at the level of the CITO test (the post-primary school selection test). modelled this card game on the television show, giving parents and children the opportunity to practice the material in a fun manner. The game is given away as part of the show, but can also be purchased in stores.


Zeker weten! kaartspel Cito teleac Not

The multiple-choice questions are on the front of the cards, and it is easy to check whether you have a row of correct answers – turn the cards over, and if your answers are correct, the name of the programme ‘Zeker Weten!’ will appear in a legible sequence:  

Zeker weten! kaartspel Cito teleac Not


A fun and educational trivia game ideal for use in various fields of knowledge.
Suitable for ages 11 – adult.

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